Summer Robots

Robots at the science museum

So schools out! Will we see any robots on our holidays oh yes.

We visited the robot exhibition at the science museum in London – bit of a journey but oh so worth it.

The robot exhibit had been running since 8 th Feb and goes on till 3rd sept where it moves on to Manchester LINK HERE

500 years ago the word robot didn’t exist then came the dawn of mechanical human forms that were found in churches theatres etc – through to the amazing robots and cutting edge technology that we see today

Robots at the science museum reveals the 500 year quest to make mechanisms of the body and mechanisms of the mind

Where are we going next in this robot quest?

Robots at the science museum is a must for any robot fan

Five Stars


 Robots that are making our life easier this summer


GRILLBOT – yep its BBQ season once again but did you clean the grill from last year err nope

The robot that can clean this is the GRILLBOT

The grillbot does all the grill cleaning for us and no more scrubbing


robot cleaning
Robot cleaning BBQ


POOL cleaning robot

So you have an outside swimming pool lucky you. A robot pool cleaner can cover every nook and cranny of you r pool cleaning algae and grime. The biggest benefit of having a robot pool cleaner is that it saves you money


robot cleaning
robot cleaning pool

Robot mix me a drink

App controlled robot bartender mix cocktails at your fingertips to make the perfect cocktail in seconds


robot drinks machine
robot drinks maker

Have a great robot summer

Keep calm a and robot on .