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    Introducing: RoboAd™


Our walkabout robot has been uniquely designed for you to advertise your company/event by using our RoboAd™ front and back panels (please see below for full definition of RoboAd™)

Robot Hire ideal for:

Corporate Meetings
Trade Shows
Store Openings/School Open Days
Promotional Events
Our Robot will:

Make your company stand out
Create media attention
Promote your product/brand
Add the WOW factor to your show
Leave a lasting impression

Robot Hire


Design Right:

Shape, configuration of our hire robots conform to Lontec Design Right.

We will not except copies or clones – Mechanical/ Electrical or human powered in this form,

this includes various colours and materials used ie plastics and metals

Please respect our intellectual property and we will respect yours !

RoboAd™ :

The use of Robots (Walkabout/Mechanical and electronic) commercially as an advertising method/form. This includes:

Robots Direct generated sounds and voices

Running Video,marketing of products,displaying logos,films,photos and apps and direction services-ie Airport/Museum and event guide.

Use of all forms of digital media- that can be promoted with the use of Robots – ie MP3 files,MP4 videos and Office Applications
Robots Direct PC based monitors and embedded screens/Digital Panels(photo frames)Apple devices ie iPads,iphone screens
Microsoft Windows PC Tablets
Google Android/Chrome tablet devices)
Robots Direct slides and panels

This list is not inclusive, however; does include the otherwise use of robot bodies for commercial/sponsorship endorsement

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