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Robot Hire -JoshMK2

Robot Hire -JoshMK2

Why Hire a Robot for your Event?

There are many excellent reasons for hiring a robot. Robots are educational, inspirational, and a great deal of fun. They are the perfect way to grab the attention of the public and to get your message across. Robot technology has advanced enormously over recent years; if you haven’t yet experienced the latest generation of the kind of robots you might hire for a special event, then you will probably be surprised by how versatile and clever they have become.

What can a modern hire robot do?

Robots have been created for a wide range of applications, including building cars and driving them. They are even used in hospitals for general duties and helping out nurses with everyday tasks, and it won’t be long before they are routinely helping carry out operations. But the kind of mobile robot you are looking for will have been designed for almost exclusively entertainment. These robots combine leading edge robotics technology with media arts to create humanoid machines capable of advanced behaviours designed to impress, entertain and educate.

How big are hire robots?

Most robots that you would hire for an event are typically adult human size up to around seven feet tall; but if you intend to use a robot for entertaining young children, then you wouldn’t wish to frighten them with such a beast that might look as if it stepped right out of an SF movie. For entertaining young children, robots as small as one foot tall are available, though for older children the best choice might be something like a five feet robot.

How are hire robots controlled?

While many hire robots are radio controlled devices where the operator, located some distance away, controls the action, the latest generation of these machines incorporate more advanced technologies.

Modern leading edge hire robots are fully programmable and can perform a wide range of tasks including creating sounds and talking; often the operator might get involved in the show and interact personally with the robot. Control would typically be via a hidden wi-fi or Bluetooth remote controller or a mobile phone/tablet. Typically, robots are also equipped with a range of sensors that allow them to react to any people who may approach them and then perform a set of pre-programmed behaviours. This can be an excellent way to grab the attention of your visitors.

Not all such behaviour is pre-programmed. Robots that appear autonomous may also be linked by audio and video to a hidden operator who will engage the visitor in a dialog.

Using a hire robot at your event

There are many ways for using a hire robot to add sparkle to your event, but the most popular are:

  • Present and promote product awareness – If you are an exhibitor you could get your robot to play the same role as a human demonstrator, grabbing the attention of passers-by and engaging them in a product demonstration – far more effective than merely providing a video display.
  • Entertain – You can focus on the entertainment angle getting your robot to sing, move around and put on a show. A hire robot will always entertain your guests in any setting, formal or informal.
  • Educate – You can use the robot to present educational material, for instance at conferences and award ceremonies. Take the robot with you to schools and colleges to deliver stunning seminars with a difference
  • Social media sensation – Post your hire robot video on YouTube; get your robot to send tweets – hire robots are a great way to create a social media sensation to promote your brand.

How effective are hire robots?

Robots are great attention grabbers; audiences of every age are impressed by them and what they can do. While grabbing the attention of your audience is the first step in any marketing or educational exercise, modern hire robots can also make significant strides in the total sales and teaching process imparting information compellingly. They will certainly add sparkle to your project.

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