Robots Direct Rebooted


The Robot Reboots…
Here at Robots Direct, we have a few reasons to celebrate…

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This year we are 12 years old and so are undertaking a bit of an overhaul. Our website has been relaunched (Isn’t it nice and shiny? – Just like our robots!) AND there are lots of exciting things that we will be announcing throughout the year on all things robot and robot hire. So keep your eyes peeled.

If you are new to Robots Direct, you might be wondering who we are and what we do, so here is a bit of background:

Where did it all begin?
Our founder and managing director Iain Londesborough – About Us  has proudly been involved in the field of robots and robotics since 1997. He set up Robots Direct in 2005 while completing his Open University Degree. His dissertation was about personal robotics, specifically; The Robomow.

What is Robots Direct?
It is a one-stop shop for all things robot! Our aim is to educate, amuse and inspire which means we sell and hire robots that are just for fun, to impress at your next event or to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics) learning Click Here For Info

We love robots. Who doesn’t? For that reason, our mission is to bring robots directly into your life.
Robots for sale.
Whether domestic, educational or purely for entertainment we have a robot for you. We sell a range of robot toys as well as robot kits if you are interested in learning more about how robots work. Need a little help around the house? We have robots that will clean your floor or mow your lawn, who knows what we’ll be selling next!

Robot hire
I get why I might want to buy a robot, but why would I want to hire one?
Some of our robots are very impressive, which means they are also very expensive! It’s much cheaper to hire a robot to impress people at your next; party, conference, launch event or festival. A robot would definitely make your company stand out and help with promoting your product or brand, you will certainly leave a lasting impression. Want to see examples of some of the events our robots have been hired for? Click here.

Famous robots
“The word ‘robot’ was first used to denote a fictional humanoid in a 1920 play R.U.R. by the Czech writer, Karel Čapek but it was Karel’s brother Josef Čapek who was the word’s true inventor” (Wikipedia).
Fast forward to modern times and robots of amazing variety appear all over the media. Some of the most famous include R2-D2 and C-3PO of Star Wars fame, The Terminator and Daleks in Dr Who. Who are your favourite robots? We’d love to discuss them with you. Connect with us on (Insert social media link as appropriate here)

How do we learn more about what you are up to?
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